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Unified Multicountry Payroll

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Keep your  HCM

KarbonPay integrates with your HCM so you don't have to make costly changes.

Reduce errors and reruns

Automation, integrated payments and global insight increase accuracy.

See your data easily 

With your global payroll data in one place, you can finally make informed decisions.

Global Compliance

Automated compliance means your payroll is accurate and secure.

Check out this 2019 report from NGA HR on Global Payroll Complexities

Touchless, compliant global payroll

Multicountry payroll data continues to become an important input for planning and analyzing headcount, budgeting and allocating labor during post-COVID-19 recovery. Process inefficiencies and a lack of unified real-time employee payroll data have been exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic in organizations with disjointed payroll operating models.

KarbonPay helps you to invest in a unified multicountry payroll strategy to address and mitigate risks around statutory compliance and regulation, and optimize operational costs in the long run.

By 2024, 60% of all payroll processing, audits and managed services will be automated and will be processed with no manual interventions.

- Gartner, Aug 2021

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Actionable reports give a holistic view of global payroll operations

With our customizable reports, you can easily generate meaningful reports for your organization that present the right information, at a glance.


Cadence Reports

Have reports sent to your inbox, when you want.

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