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Payroll that transcends borders

Consolidating multicountry payroll using latest technologies, KarbonPay provides you with a global payroll strategy to mitigate risk, automate compliance, and optimize operational costs.

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Automated Calculations

Our country-specific rule engines give you instant and compliant calculations, meaning you can finalize payroll closer to pay day. Better accuracy, fewer reruns, and correct payment disbursement.

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See Payroll at the Global Level

You don't need 21 logins for 21 different payroll systems anymore. Payroll data in one place means a single source of truth to view your global payroll data. See which pay runs are outstanding, critical payroll movements, accounting integration submissions and much more.

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No More Domain Experts

Complex payroll systems require specialized domain expertise. When a member of your payroll team leaves it can be difficult to fill the void. Our platform is designed to be intuitive for all users. From processing payroll to pulling reports, KarbonPay provides a streamlined, user-friendly workflow.

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Employee Self-Service

Employees can update their personal information, access and download payslips and annual tax forms, request time off and submit support tickets. Reducing the administrative dependency on your payroll team while streamlining support queries is the key to a more effective payroll operational cycle.

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Connect with us.

Your payroll is about to get a whole lot better.

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