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Meet your global payroll platform

Consolidating multicountry payroll using latest technologies, KarbonPay provides you with a global payroll strategy to mitigate risk, automate compliance, and optimize operational costs.


Single Source of Truth Dashboard

KarbonPay's global dashboard provides you with a single source of truth where you can see all of your international payroll in your chosen currency, giving you insights you've never had and informing your next moves.

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Reporting Your Way

Our customizable reporting capabilities allow you to pull reports that show only the data you want to see, across locations in a chosen currency. Save report templates that you want to see again, and even schedule certain reports to be emailed to you at your chosen cadence.

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Systems Integration

KarbonPay embeds into your current operational software systems, from Financial, to Human Capital Management to Applicant Tracking Systems. See our full list of integration partners.

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Built-in Compliance

Some compliance is mandatory while some is customizable. Yes, you read that right. So, we found a way to make it simple by building guardrails to protect you from non-compliance. As regulations change, so does KarbonPay.

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Choose Your Language

Your team is multilingual. Your payroll system needs to be, too. Run payroll, view reports and download payslips in any language, chosen by each individual user or employee.

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