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Known for it's wide variety of labor laws and rules, KarbonPay has mastered the regulatory requirements of Mexico.


Compliant software for Mexican payroll


SAT Compliant

Our automated system is built to provide SAT compliance for all your payrolls. With KarbonPay, you won't be running afoul of complex, changing rules.


Saving You Time

Time matters. With KarbonPay, there are no days-long waiting times for third-party providers to process and return your payroll data.



The KarbonPay machine calculates all statutory deductions and contributions, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and timely, automated submissions.


Employee Portal

Why make endless edits of employee information when they would prefer to do it themselves? Employees can also access their payslips and IRP5 online.


Powerful Technology

With KarbonPay's powerful calculations engine, your payroll is automatically calculated at the click of a button - and, you can undo and resubmit if you need to make a change.


Cut Costs

One of the reasons payroll is so expensive is the excessive passing of data to get third-party partners calculations. We let the computers do the heavy lifting.

Connect with us.

Connected payroll is successful payroll.

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