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You can't do Global Payroll without Multi-Language Capabilities

Naiveté may tell us that the world is by and large operating via English means. While this maybe true for top tier employees at global corporations and within certain industries, as more hours are worked in a cross boarder environment, the more language has become a barrier to the required functions of HR and compliance.

Why is it critical that our global payroll system be available in multiple languages?

Facilitating New Market Entry

Having the ability to pay teams across multiple countries is one major hurdle to companies participating in the trend towards globalization. While there are many hurdles to overcome, more companies are expanding internationally, whether through M&A or setting up new offices. Enabling organizations to comply with local legislation is one of the many benefits of KarbonPay and our existing customers now have the option to operate in the markets we offer with one less thing to worry about.

Collaboration Across Markets

Managing a global organization means working with professionals from many different countries, all of whom may not share a common language. With KarbonPay’s native language translations, administrators and employees are able to communicate effectively and quickly on such things as time off requests, benefits and changes thereof, and other payroll specific functions all without sharing a common language.

Building a complete understanding

Payroll executed in foreign jurisdictions can be, and almost always is, a very difficult proposition with variable elements which must be processed and communicated effectively. Relying on a typical automated translation program often leads to misunderstandings and enviable errors. Our truly international payroll solution reduces the risk of communication errors by using native speakers and multilingual professionals within the area in which we operate in order to use the correct terms on both sides of the line, thus reducing confusion and errors.

Increases the effectiveness and therefore use of the system

One our KarbonPay’s most important features is our analytics and reporting capabilities which brings together all our operational geographies under one system for realtime analytics and reporting. Inputs from all speakers can be gathered in one place. All analytics and reporting are fully translated along with the rest of the platform and payslips with the click of a button.

Cost Savings

The ultimate goal of most everything KarbonPay does is to increase efficiency, thereby decreasing the cost to operate. The adaptability of our multicountry payroll platform in any language means you can have one person or small team run payroll for the entire organization no matter the language or location. Further cost savings and security are provided by having a single source and procedure for all payroll needs. This standardizes the process which leads to further efficiency and reduction of errors. Global reporting provides better insight into the cost of the labor force for better cost / benefit analysis which leads to better profit margins.

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